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Every Platform Lift installation is unique and will vary with your own requirements for the Lift and the installation within your property.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements where we will be happy make some recommendations for a Platform Lift which would be suitable for you, your property or business requirements.

P & P Lifts supply and install a range of Home and Platform Lifts which provide a small Lift facility for Homes, Offices, Shops, Hotels, Guest Houses, Factories and Industrial Units.

Platform Lifts come in a range of styles and sizes so they can provide a suitable small lift facility in a variety of locations.

A Platform Lift can provide ease of access around your facility over several floors if needed for the use of your staff, guests, stock and or to provide a mobility access lift. The Lift Car can be large enough to accommodate a wheel chair or smaller just to take a few standing passengers.

The Platform Lifts simpler construction means that a lift pit or motor room is not required and so are able to be installed in many situations where a full lift would not be a practical solution.

The photos illustrate just a few of the possible Lift styles and locations for placing a platform Lift in a Office, Retail Shop, Hotel, Factory or other business situation.

The Lifts come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes to compliment the surroundings. A choice of phones or intercoms can be fitted as well as emergency stop and alarm buttons. The Lifts are very adaptable to their required locations and are mainly self contained so do not require any preparatory building work to be done as part of the installation.

Platform and Home Lifts - Details

P & P Lifts supplies and installs a range of Platform Lifts, Home Lifts, Home Elevators, Residential Lifts, Domestic House Lifts, Small Office Lifts, Small Shop Lifts, Garden Lifts, D. D. A. Solutions, general Platform Lifts and Scissor Lifts.

P & P Lifts provides a full Platform or Home Lift Supply, Installation and Repair Service in Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay, Newton Abbot, Sidmouth, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Dartmouth, Salcombe and in all towns and villages of Devon and Cornwall.

We invite you to have a look around our  range of Platform and Home and look forward to helping provide you with a Lift Solution for your Home, Office, Shop, Hotel, Factory or Industrial Unit.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us to discuss how we can help you with your Lift.

P & P Lifts is pleased to be able to supply a whole range of Home and Platform style Lifts and Elevators suitable for a variety of properties and uses.

A Home or Platform Lift can be adapted to provide a small Lift where a full lift would be either too big or costly.

Our Home and Platform Lifts are suitable for use in Domestic Homes to provide a mobility or access solution or just a sheer luxury to enhance any home.

Our Platform Lifts provide a superb asset in the provision of a small, multipurpose Lift in Small Shops, Offices, Guest Houses, Factories and Small Industrial Units.

Platform Lift Options

Door Colours - Standard

Door Colours optional

Floor Materials

Platform Lifts and Home Lifts